Omnata + dbt

Deploy your transformed operational analytics data directly from your data warehouse to Salesforce, at the scale of modern data platforms.

Why dbt users choose Omnata

  1. Native to your Workflow: Omnata Push simplifies data loading from Snowflake dbt models to Salesforce. Omnata provides pre-built dbt packages for fast deployment of analytical outputs like lead scores and churn warnings.

  2. Accommodate Scale: Once datasets get too large to replicate, Omnata Connect allows Salesforce to live-query dbt models containing millions of records.

  3. Embrace Change: Omnata Push leverages dbt’s strengths in managing change and automation. Omnata Connect makes it easy to manage object relationships and handle schema changes.

Using Snowflake, dbt and Omnata, Honeysuckle Health was able to build a data foundation for a brand new healthcare platform, and launch the offering in a matter of weeks.

At Honeysuckle Health, we have a large and complex health specific data warehouse. dbt allowed us to place data modelling into the hands of the domain experts without having to burden them with technical details and warehouse operations. It has allowed Honeysuckle Health to rapidly build rich and accessible data that supports analytics, reporting and operations.

Alex Diamond
Senior Data Engineer
Honeysuckle Health


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