Mode + dbt

Ensure your data is fresh, with the Mode + dbt Cloud integration. Surface timestamp and data origin information in the Mode platform with the dbt Cloud Metadata API.

Why dbt users choose Mode

  1. Transparent data provenance: Analysts can review the first and last table sync time to ensure data freshness meets expectations.

  2. Quick setup: Get up and running to your first query in minutes. Connect all of your databases to a single dashboard, and enable dbt with just a few clicks.

  3. R, Python, & SQL all in one platform: Analysts and business users can work faster together in a single cloud-based analytics platform.

By combining Mode and dbt Cloud, the data team at Education Perfect has improved data trust and observability.

The Mode + dbt Cloud integration makes it easy to build trust with your stakeholders by bringing information about data freshness directly into all of your reports. The information is instantly applicable to every report without any manual upkeep - which is great for scalability!

Joel Labes
Head of Data and Insights
Education Perfect