dbt and Microsoft

Data Transformation for Azure Synapse

dbt works seamlessly with Azure Synapse Analytics to deliver faster, more reliable data sets.

The new standard for data transformation

dbt works on top of your data platform to provide analytics teams access to a central environment for collaborative data transformation. Now anyone on your data team who knows SQL can collaborate on end-to-end transformation workflows.

Develop faster

Replace boilerplate DDL/DML with simple SQL SELECT statements that infer dependencies, build tables and views, and run models in order.

Work from the same assumptions

dbt’s pre-packaged and custom testing helps developers create a “paper-trail” of validated assumptions for data collaborators. Auto-generated dependency graphs and dynamic data dictionaries promote trust and transparency for data consumers.

Develop with your colleagues in mind

dbt automatically infers your dependency graph as you code, eliminating the drain of manual dependency tracing.

This allows you to proactively work with any stakeholders who may be affected by your modeling updates.

The Analytics Engineering Workflow

With dbt, analytics teams work directly on the cloud data platform to produce trusted datasets for reporting, ML modeling, and operational workflows.

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