Hightouch + dbt

dbt is a data transformation tool that enables analysts to prepare data for loading into operational tools like Salesforce and Intercom using Hightouch.

Why dbt users choose Hightouch

  1. Built for analytics engineering: Hightouch is a seamless piece of the analytics engineering workflow. Changes made in our UI are reflected in GitHub and vice versa. Hightouch syncs come with dbt exposures.

  2. Take action on your dbt models: Your dbt models can be used for more than reporting. Sync data from your warehouse into SaaS tools without coding. Select a dbt model and use Hightouch’s visual mapper to specify how the data should look in downstream tools.

  3. Robust, pre-built connectors: Leverage 40+ battle-tested, flexible connectors for moving data into SaaS tools (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook Ads, etc.) or even internal tools. Focus on your unique data problems instead of learning 3rd party APIs. Hightouch’s integrations are thorough, not checkboxes.

  4. Preferred to building in-house: Hightouch is loved by engineers as much as ops teams. The UI includes a live debugger and detailed request/response logs. Hightouch’s platform has out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, DataDog, PagerDuty, etc. to provide top-notch observability.

Hightouch was the missing part of our data stack.

With Hightouch, our dbt models are much more useful as they can be used across our sales & marketing stack instead of just BI reports. We are finally able to easily sync data from our warehouse to SaaS.

Aurelien Aubert
Lead Data Engineer