Fivetran + dbt

Increase analytics productivity and performance with a modern ELT infrastructure. Automated data pipelines and SQL-based transformations empower analysts to build tested, reliable, analysis-ready data sets.

Why dbt users choose Fivetran

  1. Quick setup: Setup your data pipelines in less than 2 minutes with no custom coding required. Data arrives in your warehouse with predefined schemas and well-documented ERDs for easy reference. This makes it easy for analysts to add new data sources and immediately query without help from engineering.

  2. Robust, automated data pipelines: Enjoy 150+ battle-tested and fully-managed connectors built to extract data from your source systems. Schemas are adjusted automatically so source changes won’t disrupt your analytics.

  3. A growing ecosystem of dbt packages: Fivetran’s dbt packages provide an additional layer of transformation including data standardization, metric aggregation, and key restructuring. This removes one more step in the process from data extraction to data analysis.

The Director of Lifecycle used retention data to identify minor changes that would add value, including tweaks around customer journey and emailing.

With the available data and reports, she could identify the cohorts that would be impacted, model out what each of those cohorts’ incremental impact would be to churn and set up a dashboard to track this over time. She was able to monitor how these small projects impacted churn over time – and she had everything she needed to do it on her own.

Brett Trani
Director of Data and Analytics

Fivetran dbt packages

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