It's time to "Coalesce"

Sent 08 Dec 2020

Hi friends,

This “monthly-ish” newsletter was last sent 9 weeks ago, but I have a good excuse! Mila and I have been heads-down working with every single Coalesce speaker on their presentation. I am so excited about what the community is going to be sharing with all of you this week 😊

If you haven’t yet joined us for a Coalesce session — there’s still time! Check out the agenda here. (Before you ask me — yes, the recordings will also be made available, but you’ll miss out on the chat which is a good part of the fun!)

— Claire, dbt Community Manager

P.S. I recently moved! If you’re in Burlington Vermont, or know someone who is, shoot me an email to say hi!

From the dbt community #

Questions, ideas, articles, and useful insights from our community. Many of these discussions take part in the dbt Slack group — you can sign up here.

  • A couple of community-contributed packages have popped up in the last few weeks 📦📦! Claus Herther turned a lot of Great Expectations’ testing framework into a package: dbt-expectations, and Teghan Nightengale shared a package for testing documentation coverage: dbt-meta-testing.
  • Shopify shared how they use dbt in this blog post, including how they’ve extended its functionality when it comes to unit testing and CI. (They’re also hiring, see below!).
  • This thread about the simplest data stack was a neat one to read!
  • And finally, a shout out to Jonathan Talmi, for helping community members get the dbt CLI working after upgrading to Big Sur (relevant issue if you’re running into this too) — python environments are not my forté, so it’s so lovely to have someone jump in to help out!

A few things you may have missed from us #

We’ll, we’ve been busy:

  • We launched an online, self-led, FREE, version of dbt Learn! We’ve been teaching remotely all year, but simply couldn’t keep up with demand. If you’re onboarding a new team member to dbt, make sure you send the link to them.
  • We announced our Series B a few weeks ago — check out the writeup here!
  • Tristan published a post on The Future of the Modern Data Stack — at 5000 words, it’s a long one, but worth it! For many of us in the dbt community, the “modern data stack” has been the standard for the last four years, so I loved reading Tristan’s take on what it looks like to move past that stack!
  • A few months ago I spoke at a conference on “How to Become a More Impactful Analyst”, and it has only just made it onto YouTube. The talk is probably familiar content for most of the community, but might be useful as a resource for anyone trying to convince an analyst that there is a better way to do their job.

Great companies currently hiring #

  • Product Analytics Lead at Billie, NYC (remote for now): The Billie team have been using dbt for a while, and are looking to add someone to own the full digital product data pipeline from end to end, and get to inform the product roadmap. You’ll also get to work with community member #83 Michelle Ballen.
  • Analytics Engineer at Treatwell, Remote (EMEA hours): The team are migrating off their homegrown ETL and to dbt, and are looking for someone to help out!
  • Many data roles at Shopify: Did you know Shopify use dbt? (And that Fishtown Analytics is about to start using Shopify?) You can learn more about their team and their data stack in this recent blog post!
  • Senior Data Analyst at Netlify (global remote): Netlify are at the start of their dbt journey, but have long-time community member, Emilie Schario, leading the charge! (meet the team at Coalesce this week)
  • Finally, we’re hiring for a lot of different roles (remote, US hours): Including someone to join my team as a Dev Rel advocate, a Learn instructor, product managers, and more! We love hiring people who love dbt as much as we do, so if that sounds like you, please get in touch!

Check out the #jobs channel in dbt Slack for more listings (or to add one yourself!)

Upcoming events #

Here’s where community members will be speaking, hosting, or attending.

  • Dec 7 - 11: You guessed it — Coalesce is on right now!
  • Jan 20- 21: dbt Learn London Timezone — we promise we’re about to announce this and a few other dbt Learns very soon! Keep an eye out here for when we drop tickets

☝Between Coalesce and the upcoming holiday period, our list is looking a little light. If you have an event to add to list, please reply to this email with the details!