Run your data team as a product team

Speakers: Emilie Schario, Taylor A. Murphy, PhD

When: December 9, 2020 11:00 PST

Data teams can significantly improve their stature and abilities in an organization, when they work with a product mindset. Product teams typically have UX experts, Designers, Product Managers, Engineering Managers and more, involved in the process of generating new features that will delight their customers.

In this talk, we'll argue that Data teams should take on a very similar mindset when leading and growing their data org. We'll make the case that this mindset can scale from a single person team to a large organization. We'll share what this looks like on the ground and in the day to day.

Attendees will be able to walk away feeling empowered about the vital role the data team should — and can — play in every organization. They will explore a new mental framework for how to think about all of the data related activities in their organization.

Join in the chat in the #coalesce-product-teams channel. If you're not yet a member of dbt slack, sign up here.

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