Success Stories

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"We were able to get the search functionality of our talent matching service shipped ahead of schedule. Now we're moving onto automated matching and using the same approach."

  • 3 months to build a usable prototype
  • 5 months shaved off the product development timeline
  • 1 new approach to product development
Firefly Health

"dbt allows us to set and track metrics-driven goals for almost everything we do. Every metric we track aligns to our core values, and is presented in that context to all business users."

  • 20x faster model development
  • 50+ business users served
  • 100% of models shipped with tests

"We think empowering analysts to own their tools is the only way to build a productive analytics team at scale. dbt makes it easier to do data modeling the right way, and harder to do it the wrong way."


"With dbt, we can empower users without technology team involvement, and the outcomes for the business are huge."

  • 60% of the organization exploring data in Looker
  • 2 days to 2 minutes report creation
  • £60m loan portfolio moved
Mastery Logistics

"This isn't anything new, it's how every high-quality software project is run. You expect there to be tests. You expect there to be documentation. You expect the PR process to be collaborative. You're building software together. We're just applying this to analytics code as well."


"We want to build a world where any data scientist and analyst can have an idea on the way to work, and explore it end-to-end by midday."

  • 100,000 lines of code migrated
  • 30+ analystis collaborating
  • £72,000 annual savings
Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Provider

"I remember reading the dbt viewpoint and thinking this is fantastic—a simple way to focus on SQL as a way to manage data objects and at the same time solve our scheduling and dependency problems. dbt was an off-the-shelf solution that took our ideas to the next level. It was revelatory."

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