Blog We're cancelling Coalesce. Here's what to expect instead.

We're cancelling Coalesce. Here's what to expect instead.

For the foreseeable future, all in-person dbt events are cancelled. But we have some good stuff in the works. Read now
We're cancelling Coalesce. Here's what to expect instead.

Update: Coalesce was cancelled due to COVID-19*, but is back on as an online event 🎉 It will be taking place December 7-11,

  1. More info here:

On February 27th we hosted our largest Meetups to-date in both New York City and London. At the NYC meetup, I also felt a greater sense of community than ever before — it was amazing to see attendees greet each other as friends, and watch newcomers be welcomed in. I was having so much fun catching up with everyone that I had to push my train to Philly back by two hours! 😴

It’s been amazing watching these communities grow in size and strength over the past few years, and in 2020, we were looking forward to spending more time with emerging dbt communities in cities like Boston, Seattle, Montreal, and Sydney to replicate that experience. That will still happen, we’re just not quite sure when.

For the foreseeable future, all in-person dbt events are cancelled.

To say that we’re disappointed would be an understatement. I don’t think they’ve yet invented an emoji for the “what-can-you-do this-shit-is-pretty-real” feeling I keep feeling these days. The best I’ve got is 🤷

In my opinion, community is more important than ever right now. I’m not saying that the dbt community specifically is more important than ever right now — gosh, everyone is dealing with things far greater than that. What I mean is: in a time where most of us are isolating ourselves, being able to connect with other human beings feels more important than ever. We want to provide those opportunities, even if they have to take place online.

Here is how we intend to support the dbt community over the coming months.

What to expect from us

We’re going to continue to support the dbt community in similar ways which we always have, just more online:

  1. Education: We’re hosting our first distributed dbt Learn this week and will be announcing more dates soon.
  2. Office Hours: We’ve increased office hours to 1x weekly, and they’ve been a highlight of my week 🙂 If you have something you want to share with the community, send me a note. This tends to be a small group of about ~20 people, very informal. Join #office-hours for more details.
  3. Remote Meetups: We will continue to hold “local” Meetups – friendly for your timezone and featuring local companies and familiar faces – though obviously, anyone will be able to join. We’ll be announcing dates for the first of these very soon.

    How you can help

The reality is, we’re going to see less of each other in-person, so my ask for this group of people is to make your online presence as real as possible:

  • Fill out your Slack profile Add a clear headshot, let people know where you work and what you do, maybe even add details about your data stack 🤔 Here’s what a good profile looks like:

  • Try Loom! I’ve gotten really into Loom as a quick way to record videos (see an example in this Slack thread). I would love to see more folks give this a try. Loom is free and it’s super personal ❤️
  • Participate Whether it’s talking on an office hours, helping someone out on Slack, or writing up a Discourse post, every interaction helps strengthen our community.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in-person again sometime in the future. In the meantime, we’ll make the best of it.

– Claire

Last modified on: Nov 22, 2023

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