Blog Staging highlights: the latest from dbt Labs

Staging highlights: the latest from dbt Labs

Catch up on the newest releases from the dbt Labs product team Read now
Staging highlights: the latest from dbt Labs

About this event

Staging is an online event hosted by the dbt Labs product team, covering new releases in Core and Cloud, previews of work-in-flight, and demos from the dbt community.

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The latest event took place on August 4, 2022. Catch up with the video replay and learn more about each topic covered below.

Show Notes

Getting Started

A few good places to start, if you’re new to dbt:

New Cloud UI (prerelease)

What’s new:

  • Cleaned-up interface & better ergonomics: fewer clicks to switch accounts, check notifications, or look up run history.

Two ways to try it out:

New Cloud IDE (prerelease)

What’s new:

  • Performance and reliability improvements — less lag time when you start a session, resume your work, or save and commit changes. Specifically…

How to try it out:

  • Join the beta & share feedback
    • Note: joining this will enroll you into the new UI beta as well!
    • Limited weekly rollout starts 8/16, to customers not on Virtual Private Cloud

Core v1.2 (released)

What’s new:

How to upgrade:

Core v1.3 (prerelease)

What’s new:

How to try it out:

dbt Semantic Layer

What’s new:

dbt Labs Marketing Ops meets dbt

Danny and Brandon leaned on dbt macros and a handful of packages to create consistency in the data models feeding Campaign 360 – the reporting tool used by the marketing, revenue, and sales teams at dbt Labs.

A few of the packages used:

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