Blog Coalesce returns for year two this December

Coalesce returns for year two this December

Dec 6-10, 2021: Coalesce is back with 85 speakers, 65+ sessions, and a little razzle-dazzle. Targeting 4 time zones (EST, PST, GMT, and AEDT)—there are plenty of opportunities to join us live. Find out what’s new, what’s staying the same, and how to prepare. Read now
Coalesce returns for year two this December

Coalesce is more than the name of this conference.

It’s the organizing principle that makes the event possible. It’s a call to action to all that attend. It’s a value that each participant carries throughout the week.  

Imagine a gathering of sharp opinions, empowering ideas, and diverse perspectives.

*I really enjoyed seeing how others take on problems and already tailored solutions to those problems. So many times during the conference I felt like: “hey, this is something I could make use of” or “hey, this is a place I have been to as well” and it is a great feeling. I took many ideas from this conference and I think it overall made me more knowledgeable.> *

It’s a place where data professionals from around the globe can connect through honest conversations and commiserate over shared experiences.

For five days, we will be digging into topics focused on the advancement and practice of analytics engineering. The event is free, online-only, and hosted by the home team, dbt Labs.

Each day targets a different region:

  • Dec 6: NAMER (North American Region, EST)
  • Dec 7:  NAMER (North American Region, EST)
  • Dec 8: NAMER (North American Region, PST)
  • Dec 9: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa, GMT).
  • Dec 10: APAC (Asia-Pacific, AEDT)

Whether you are in San Francisco, Sydney, or London, you will be able to catch sessions live. Attendees are tuning in from 79+ countries.

This is a practitioner-focused conference where you’ll primarily be hanging out with people who spend their days working with data. Current registrants include data engineers, analysts, managers, executives, and more from 2200+ unique companies.

The passion of the dbt Community shapes the agenda.

Since June, Coalesce speakers have been cooking up conversations connected to one (or more) of the following themes:

  • Culture & Teams: Approaches for building progressive data culture and careers.
  • Tool Deep Dives: Preview the newest tech in the modern data stack.
  • Workshop: Walkthrough step-by-step methods for improving your analytics pipeline.
  • Frameworks & Best Practices: Battle-tested approaches that scale.
  • Data Futures: Where are we headed? Trends in data and analytics.

Our speakers put in work—drafting outlines, attending feedback sessions and submitting deliverables months ahead of the conference. dbt Labs team members serve as advocates to each speaker and offer resources to support their session.

Sessions are designed for (and by) analytic engineers

If you are brand new to dbt and want to understand the value of the tool, consider attending dbt 101: Stories from real-life data practitioners + a live look at dbt

If you are navigating the modern data stack and choosing the right tools for you, take note of the sessions provided by leading vendors in the space..

If you are looking for a peek into the future, tech adoption, and business trends, don’t miss our keynotes: The Metric System and How big is this wave?

dbt Core v1.0 reveal ✨ is a celebration for everyone! Jeremy, the product manager on dbt Core, will take us on a journey through the past few months (and the last five years) of dbt Core development. A team of engineers, dozens of open source contributors, and hundreds of beta-testing community members have been doing their part to prepare dbt Core’s first-ever major release. We’ll provide clear guidance about the commitments we’re making—which product interfaces are locked, which are still subject to change—and a sneak preview of our development priorities for next year. At the end of it all, we’re going to cut the ribbon: This is dbt Core, Version One.

Don’t forget to check out the full lineup with more sessions from dbt community members. To personalize your agenda, “reserve your place” at sessions that you plan to attend.

The chat on Slack is an experience of its own

Every session has a channel in dbt Community Slack where chat conversations will take place.

Speakers invite their teammates into the chat to answer questions and provide context. We share a few guidelines at the beginning of each session so that it’s easy for you to navigate through comments.

The chat unites attendees across time zones. Recordings are available once each session is complete. You can jump into a channel and pick conversations up where they left off, at a time that works for you.

Technically, the conference has already started on Slack—and it lives on each session. After presenting, speakers hang out in their channels for questions, comments, and conversations. In 2020, the Kimball talk had one of the longest-running conversations—continuing for 96 hours post-conference.

So this year, we want you to bring energy. Fill channels with your favorite memes, gifs, and data jokes. Share your honest thoughts and spark productive conversations.

Sprinkle a little razzle-dazzle into the week

What’s a conference without free stuff, activations, and happy hour? These perks allow attendees to connect in low-lift, fun, and social ways.

👀 Snag some freebies

Freebies are available on the website exclusively for Coalesce attendees. Think of this page as a digital goodie bag full of offers, deals, discounts from some of our Coalesce sponsors.

🖼 Release your inner Picasso

Have you ever felt like Pablo Picasso stuck in an analytics engineer’s body? During the conference, turn your code into a work of art by playing SQL Draw. Participants of all skill levels can unleash their creativity and contribute to the masterpieces built with SQL commands.

🥂 Meet us at the after party

Catalog & Cocktails is hosting an after-party following day 2 of the conference. The weekly podcast is an honest, no-BS conversation about enterprise data management and analytics, with a happy-hour vibe. Juan Sequeda and Tim Gasper of, will broadcast live from Coalesce, bring their unique brand of insight and humor to the conference lineup.

🎶 Set the ambiance with local playlists

Remember the sweet sounds at Coalesce 2020? Vince Cimo, our technical producer, put together playlists filled with artists reppin’ each target region.

The buddy system never fails.

Coalesce is better with a friend. The data shows that 2,589 registrants are attending with a colleague. That’s 45% of the current number of registrants.

If you think that members of your network can benefit from the event, we encourage you to share details about the conference with your social networks.

We even put together a social media toolkit that includes event details, sample copy, and design resources that you can use.

We love hearing from you. Share your excitement, talk about what you’re excited to see, tag speakers that you are most interested in connecting with, and more.

Don’t forget to use #dbtcoalesce.

Attendee checklist: how to prepare for the week

Now that you’ve gotten the download on Coalesce 2021, here’s a list of steps you should take to ensure that you’re all set for the big week.

  • Register for the conference. Answer all required questions on the form and click submit to complete your registration. Once you register, you should get an email from Crowdcast with a link to confirm your registration.
  • Join the dbt Community Slack. Once you complete the form, you will be redirected to a URL that allows you to complete signup.
  • Personalize your agenda. Scroll through the conference schedule and reserve your place at the sessions that you are interested in attending. Click “Filter by Category” to view sessions organized by theme and region.
  • Add #coalesce-updates and the Slack channels for sessions that you plan to attend. Find chat details on each session’s page on the website. You can also search “coalesce” in the channel browser on slack to see a listing.
  • Follow @coalesceconf on Twitter and use #dbtcoalesce when posting about the conference on social media.
  • Subscribe to the Coalesce calendar to follow a calendar including all sessions.

If you still have questions…

We’re just one Slack message away. Drop your questions in #coalesce-updates, and a teammate will help you as soon as possible.

See you in December! 👋

Last modified on: Dec 6, 2023

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