Blog Coalesce 2022 Replay Tracks: For OGs and AUs (Advanced Users)

Coalesce 2022 Replay Tracks: For OGs and AUs (Advanced Users)

Coalesce is for data practitioners at all stages of their career. If you've been in this space for a bit, and want to jump straight to the talks built for those with a little more experience—these replay tracks were made for you. Read now
Coalesce 2022 Replay Tracks: For OGs and AUs (Advanced Users)

dbt was open-sourced in 2016, accelerating adoption of the analytics engineering workflow by data teams around the world. In the 6 years since, the community has ballooned to more than 50,000 data practitioners. While many have joined in the last year, a good number of OGs have been around since the very beginning.

If you’re ready to skip past intro chats to dive straight into more complex use cases, tooling, and maybe even touch on the things you realized you could but probably shouldn’t do with dbt… these are the Coalesce replay tracks for you.

Module 1: Getting Better at the Basics (1 hr 50 mins)

You “know enough to be dangerous”—and maybe now you actually are… having picked up a few questionable habits that aren’t scaling as your team expands 😅. These sessions will help you get back on track.

Module 2: One layer deeper (3 hrs 39 mins)

The opposite of “X for dummies.” Because you’re no dummy—you’re a certified badss. You know this stuff. You could teach a course on it. Write a book on it. Do it in your sleep. But just* in case you’re looking for a few extra tips and tricks, these are the sessions for you.

Module 3: New capabilities (2 hrs 40 mins)

Coalesce saw a few new product and feature launches including Python support in dbt, the dbt Semantic Layer. Both are ready for you to start exploring, and these sessions might help expedite that process.

Module 4: New Use Cases(2 hrs 30 mins)

You’re ready to start exploring some new ways of work—maybe to be a bit more efficient, or maybe to see how far you can push things without the whole thing falling apart. New features, edge-cases, nearly untested theories, wild ideas—if you want to stay ahead of the curve these sessions are for you.

Module 5: Watch the world burn (2 hrs)

Watching the world burn isn’t a core skill that you should develop… but if you already have it then shoot—welcome to the talks that keep folks talking.

For even more Coalesce talks, be sure to check out the dbt YouTube channel

Last modified on: Dec 6, 2023